Amazon launches $5 monthly subscription for generic drugs

In its latest dive into health care, Amazon is launching a generic drug subscription service through its online pharmacy.

RxPass, which will be available to Prime members, will provide generic medications for common conditions such as high blood pressure, anxiety and acid reflux. The tech and retail giant said the service will have a flat fee of $5 per month.

The program will not accept insurance, and is now available in most US states. Amazon is offering RxPass to patients with multiple chronic conditions, arguing that the subscription can save them money and time.

“Going to insurance can be a maze and getting to the pharmacy can be a burden. Sometimes it has bad results: new drugs don’t get filled, refills don’t go through, and patients get hurt. What aspects of the system make. Simple, should be difficult. That’s why I feel so blessed to be a part of the transformation that Amazon Pharmacy is helping to bring to this space,” Dr. Win, Chief Medical Officer of Amazon Pharmacy. Gupta wrote in the announcement.

A big trend

Amazon is expanding its reach into healthcare. In November, the company announced Amazon Clinic, a direct-to-consumer virtual service that aims to offer care for common conditions such as hair loss, heartburn, acne, dandruff and seasonal allergies. It also revealed plans to acquire primary care provider One Medical last year. passing through regulatory process.

Amazon Purchased Digital Pharmacy PillPack. In 2018, and this Launched Amazon Pharmacy. Almost two years later.

High cost of drugs There is a long-term problem in the American health care system. Affordability is a particular challenge for people taking multiple medications: a Kaiser Family Foundation Survey Among those taking four or more prescription medications, 32% cited difficulty tolerating their medications.

There are other digital health companies that tout their approach to reducing drug costs. Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus Drug Company, which aims to provide lower-cost drugs by working directly with distributors and manufacturers, has recently announced several partnerships. Pharmacy Benefit Managers.

In October, GoodRx announced Price transparency platform For providers, that will allow clinicians to search for cost information during encounters with patients.

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