Anna Duggar and her seven children visit husband Josh ‘regularly’ as in a Texas prison.

Wife and family of disgraced reality television star Josh Duggar Meet him regularly as he serves a 151-month prison sentence for possession of child pornography, sources said.

Duggar, 34, who grew up starring on the TLC show 19 Kids and Counting, was found guilty last December of downloading a trove of ‘the worst of the worst’ child pornography.

Despite his heinous crime, sources said American Sun Duggar’s wife Anna and their seven children visit FCI Segoville in Dallas. Texaswhere he is imprisoned ‘fairly regularly’. The prison is said to be ‘dangerous’ and poorly managed.

last month Duggar claimed in the petition filed in the court. Police ‘stopped’ her during questioning after her arrest, and Caleb Williams, her employer and a registered sex offender, was the one who committed the crime of child pornography.

Josh Duggar, 34, was sentenced to 151 months in prison for possession of child pornography

Josh Duggar with his wife Anna and their six children. Now she has seven children.

The family of another inmate at FCI Seagull said he had seen Diggers in prison on several occasions.

‘We have seen Anna regularly on tour. I have spoken to Anna a couple of times. Usually the only thing I see is Anna and then her kids,’ he said. ‘I don’t really know anyone else.’

Sources said the jail has provided ‘board games and blocks’ in the visitation area to keep children occupied, but otherwise it can be very difficult for families to visit.

She said the jail does not allow visitors to wear anything that could be considered provocative, and that their rules sometimes change from visit to visit.

FCI Sagoville in Dallas, Texas. The prison is said to be ‘dangerous’ and poorly managed.

Duggar with his wife and children. He was sentenced to 151 months in prison for possession of child pornography.

‘It’s kind of a crapshoot that whatever they’re going to say today is out of policy. I’ve had a guard tell me I had too many bobby pins in my hair or that my mask was the wrong color.

‘They tried to remove me because I was wearing a dress. I wore the same dress a week ago and they said it was fine, but this time they said it was too sexually provocative.’

Sources added that visitors are often left ‘waiting for hours’.

‘There are always delays. A few weeks ago they said that the electricity was off. It goes in and out all the time so they use that as an excuse to make us wait a few hours before going in.

Josh Duggar holds his wife Anna’s hand as they leave court during a child pornography trial.

Josh and Anna Duggar held hands while they were on trial for possessing child pornography.

Just getting in can be difficult, the source said, and visitors are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis.

The visit will begin at 8:15 am and will last until 3:30 pm. I get there around 7:00 am so the line is quick,’ said the source. ‘And they start taking action anytime between 8:15 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. Whenever they feel like it.’

Sources added that the meeting usually ends an hour earlier, and that they sit on ‘plastic chairs’ in a ‘really cold’ room while talking to their imprisoned loved ones.

‘Sometimes there is food in the vending machines, but often it goes for weeks with nothing. It’s very painful.’

‘Partners are allowed to kiss and hug at the beginning and end of the meeting. Until a few weeks ago, they actually allowed prisoners and visitors to hold hands. It was really beautiful.’

‘But they rotated another guard over the shift and now they’re not allowing it.’

Josh Duggar appeared on the TLC show 19 Kids and Counting

The Duggar family on their TLC show, 19 kids and counting

Sources close to the prison have previously claimed that FCI Seagoville often serves inmates severely expired food, goes weeks without heat or hot water even in winter, and has a poor electrical system that is so It comes back to unreliable generators.

A source also told US Sun that ‘there really isn’t much security because they’re dramatically understaffed.’

The prison is heavily politicized, which means it has gangs. Fortunately, it’s nowhere near as violent as a medium-security facility. It’s actually not a very violent facility.’

‘But it’s just a dangerous situation, given the level of neglect and so I know my family member has felt concern for him, I guess I’d say he’s always on his own. Is concerned about health, even if he feels physically safe.’

FCI Sagoville in Dallas, Texas. The prison is reportedly often without electricity and heat.

Josh Duggar in a 2021 mug shot. He was found guilty of possessing child pornography.

Duggar made headlines in 2015 when police reports revealed that he molested his 4 younger sisters when he came out at the age of 12. Her parents said she had confessed her love and apologized.

During his child pornography trial, Duggar learned that Duggar scoured the dark web for sick videos of torture, humiliation and abuse of little girls.

Graphic titles such as ‘Pedo Mom’, ‘Play Toot Sweetie’, ‘Daisy’s Destruction’ and ‘Ultra Hard Pedo Pedophilia’, leave little to the imagination. One video ends with a girl locked in a dog cage. Another series of images shows a minor being raped by a male adult.

The videos were downloaded between 14 and 16 May 2019.

The mutilated cache was so disturbing that a veteran FBI child exploitation investigator said it was ‘in the top five of the worst I’ve ever had to review.’

At trial, defense attorneys argued that a former employee or hacker could exploit Duggar’s weak Internet security to hijack its computer and remotely download content without anyone knowing.

Josh Duggar (back right) with his many siblings at the show 19 Kids and Counting

Duggar is now asking for a new trial, alleging that armed officers prevented him from contacting his lawyer and subjected him to questioning during his arrest.

In his court filing, he claimed he was ‘blindsided’ by the ambush and was only allowed to leave on orders from officers.

‘Dugger immediately pulled out his phone and said he was calling his lawyer. [An agent] took the phone from Duggar’s hand, preventing him from calling an attorney,” the filing states.

But, federal officials responded to the Duggars’ claims and insisted: ‘Duggar was reportedly told he was free to leave.’

“The government also contends that Dugger was not restrained,” the filing continued. ‘But restraint is more than being handcuffed.

‘Dugger was placed in a police car with two armed agents. He was told that his lawyer could not join him when he tried to call a lawyer, and that he did not have access to a vehicle.

His lawyers argued that anyone in Duggar’s position should have felt ‘deprived of freedom of action in any significant way’.

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