Bitcoin Suisse Explains Why Switzerland Is a Crypto Pivot Point: Davos 2023

Bitcoin Suisse CEO Dr. Dirk Klee said that Switzerland is a “pivot point” for crypto adoption in Europe and “the focal point for the next phase of institutionalization.”

The CEO explained why Switzerland is still the top destination for crypto in Europe and will continue to attract institutional investors in an exclusive Cointelegraph interview street-side in Davos, Switzerland.

In a conversation with Cointelegraph reporter Gareth Jenkinson, Clay explained:

“A lot of trust has been destroyed and eroded in the last year and we want to be like the center of the next phase of institutionalization, you know, to make this place more accessible, easier to use, but also safer. “

Founded in 2013, Bitcoin Suisse is one of the oldest Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto companies that specialize in asset storage, including “custodial solutions deep in the Swiss mountains,” Klee said.

Switzerland is a well-known safe haven for crypto in Europe. The landlocked country is recognized for its role in the launch of Ethereum (ETH), and is home. Crypto Valley – Conducive environment for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Companies

Switzerland is known for its “Crypto Valley” in the canton of Zug.

Switzerland also boasts Bitcoin. The crypto-friendly city of Lugano, who hosts and even joined an annual Bitcoin conference. McDonald’s is ready to accept Bitcoin Lightning.

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However, even in Switzerland, crypto confidence in 2022, in particular FTX light Crypto debacle and its contagion: “It’s a blow to the industry. It’s destroyed a lot of confidence and – you know – hurt a lot of investors,” Klee explained. .

In such an environment it is useful to return to historical Swiss values. Switzerland is still a “safe place to do business”.

“Swiss finish, Swiss quality is a statement and it’s a quality symbol that this industry needs because—you know—you need a reliable place.”

Thousands of crypto enthusiasts have attended crypto and blockchain events at the World Economic Forum. Hosted in the ski resort of Davos, set in the Alps, the massive bear market doesn’t seem to have bothered the Swiss charm.