Blockstream gifted the seed signer with $2,286 for facilitating access to Jade.

The team behind the development of Blockstream, Lightning Network (LN) and Liquid Network have made a one-time payment of 10m sats in the SeedSigner development fund.

Blockstream Raises $2,286 in SeedSigner’s Development Fund

The accumulated amount translates to about $2,286 at the spot rate. Blockstream said the money was “in gratitude” for the efforts made by the seedsigner to facilitate access to the hardware wallet, Jade.

Seed QR, developed From SeedSigner, Jade Hard Vault is included in the package. This tool allows users to convert their private keys into QR format. Because of this, Bitcoin holders can quickly retrieve their wallets by scanning their QR codes, saving them valuable time.

By combining this with QR Scan, Jade wallet holders can seamlessly communicate with other air-gapped but compatible devices via QR codes via SeedQR. This, Blockstream notes, is necessary because air-gapped devices are technically isolated.

Seedsigner is increasing Bitcoin (BTC) security. They are actively releasing tools to help holders secure their valuable assets regardless of wallet type. The developer explains that their goal is to “reduce the cost and complexity of using a Bitcoin multi-signature wallet.”

Using SeedSigner’s standard developer kits (SDKs), for example, allows anyone to build their own offline, air-gapped bitcoin signing devices. These devices can be assembled from off-the-shelf components.

In a secure way, it will be possible for users to sign Bitcoin transactions, essentially allowing the transaction to take place while also ensuring the security of the private keys and coins stored in the wallet. This allowance is important because air-gapped devices are completely disconnected from the Internet and other radio communication devices.

Easy access to jade

Jade allows users to store the private keys of their BTC or Liquid wallet. The Liquid Network is a Bitcoin Layer 2 designed for the trustless exchange of security tokens within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Jade can be used with Green, a hot wallet that uses a multi-seg shield to protect coin holders against external attackers.

Previously, Blockstream and Seven Labs partner With Poseidon Group to launch XDEX, a DEX focused on security tokens within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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