CoinTracker partners with bookkeeping company to make tax collection easier for UK crypto investors

Crypto portfolio and tax manager CoinTracker has partnered with By The Book Accountancy to help UK crypto investors navigate the complexities of tax filing as the regulatory landscape evolves.

According to one News for the newspaper Released on January 23rd, Cointracker has teamed up with accountant firm By The Book Accountancy to release a series of educational content and resources for UK crypto holders to simplify the complexities of tax filing with a compliant one. could

CoinTracker and By The Book Accountancy will present a three-part educational Twitter space series to help UK crypto holders prepare for tax season. Scheduled for January 24, 26 and 30, the series will cover key topics such as NFT and crypto taxation, strategies for economics, resources for finding experts, and understanding capital gains. The effort aims to help bridge the knowledge gap and ensure investors are informed before the January 31 tax filing deadline.

Renaud Besnard, head of marketing at CoinTracker, said:

“As tax season approaches, it is vital that UK consumers are provided with educational resources and tools to stay compliant. CoinTracker is teaming up with this leading team to make the crypto tax collection process efficient and effective.” Can’t get too excited about straightening.

Recent developments in UK crypto regulation and taxation

Globally, taxation of digital assets has undergone significant changes over the past year. The Financial Services and Markets Bill, which would give local financial regulators autonomy over cryptocurrency, is Currently under discussion In the UK Parliament, the UK Treasury is considering significant changes to regulating the crypto sector.

In December last year, the UK government… Confirmed his intention To include cryptocurrency investors in existing investment manager exemptions. This tax rule exempts foreign investors, including hedge funds, from paying taxes across the country. The decision to extend this to crypto services could prompt digital asset providers to relocate to the UK.

Additionally, the UK government will soon be in talks with the Bank of England about creating a retail central bank digital currency (CBDC). Another key initiative is the establishment of a new financial market infrastructure sandbox in 2023.

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