Crypto-friendly processor Stripe expands with Amazon

Stripe, a payment processor that allows companies to integrate Bitcoin (BTC) as a medium of exchange, has expanded its service agreement with Amazon, an e-commerce company whose services include various blockchains. Includes the cloud platform used by the projects.

The Stripe-Amazon deal

In an announcement on January 23, the expansion will span their decades. Partnership Seeing Stripe become Amazon’s strategic payments processor in other jurisdictions, in Europe and the US.

Stripe will now process payments for other Amazon businesses, including Prime, Audible, Kindle, and Amazon Pay.

Part of the deal will also see Amazon bolster Stripe’s infrastructure through its web services to process more payments on behalf of the e-commerce platform.

Today’s announcement, Amazon notes, marks the beginning of a new chapter and reinforces what has become an enduring business relationship between the two giants.

Max Barden, vice president of payments at Amazon, called Stripe’s reliability even during peak periods a huge positive.

“Stripe has been a trusted partner, helping to accelerate our business at every turn. In particular, we value Stripe’s reliability. Even during peaks like Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber ​​Monday. Even on days of , Stripe delivers industry-leading uptime. We appreciate Stripe’s relentless commitment to putting customers first.

Max Barden, Vice President of Payments at Amazon.

Meanwhile, Stripe said, “they can’t run without AWS,” and it’s their customer’s first choice because the cloud platform gives developers an opportunity to leverage.

Stripe serves crypto businesses.

Stripe allows businesses to integrate crypto payments. The processor has a toolkit specially designed for crypto business.

By integrating crypto, businesses can expand their global audience and reach. At any given time, they request users from all over the world. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin And USDT are borderless, adhering to transparent layers. Conversely, crypto companies can integrate fiat payments using Stripe’s infrastructure.

On January 11, Amazon signed Partnership agreement with Avalanche, a smart contracting platform. As part of the agreement, Ava Labs will launch new infrastructure features on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which will accelerate “enterprise, institutional, and government blockchain adoption.”

Further developments in the payment space

zkSync, an L2 scaling platform using Zero Knowledge (ZK) rollup, has integrated nonstop domains into its wallet and checkout.

Unstoppable Domains says the move will make sending crypto faster and easier. Nonstop domains allow users to send and receive crypto payments, including NFTs, using human-readable names instead of machine-readable addresses.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Unstoppable Domains to bring zkSync’s scalability, security, and low fees to our growing ecosystem. Creating a better UX for end users is one of the ways we’re helping Web3 Achieve long-term adoption and protection.

Umar Azhar, Head of Enterprise Business Development at zkSync.

In the first News for the newspaperUmar Azhar, Head of Enterprise Business Development at zkSync said this is one of their efforts to drive long-term adoption of Web3 solutions.

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