Dani Alves rape accuser ‘recognizes tattoo on his stomach’, it has been claimed

The woman who accused Danny Alves of sexual assault Barcelona Last month Brazil’s World Cup star was identified by a tattoo on his stomach, it has been claimed.

The alleged victim said the former Barcelona right-back slapped and raped her in the toilets of the Sutton nightclub in the Spanish city in December.

The 39-year-old footballer is in jail pending investigation.

Court sources have claimed that Alves had a crescent shaped tattoo on his stomach during the alleged attack.

The woman who accused Dani Alves of sexually assaulting him in Barcelona last month identified the Brazilian World Cup star by a tattoo on his stomach, it has been claimed.

The woman says she saw Tito when he tried to force her to perform oral sex and she resisted in a locked bathroom stall at the VIP club.

The international footballer had testified that he was the one sitting in the toilet when the woman pounced on him.

The judge questioned how it was possible for a woman to see his tattoo if his shirt was covering his torso.

The Champions League-winning star then allegedly changed his testimony, saying he stood up when she entered, allowing her to see the tattoo. World.

He said the pair then had consensual sex, despite initially denying knowledge of the alleged victim and saying the pair had only crossed paths in the bathroom without meeting.

The alleged victim said the former Barcelona right-back slapped and raped her in the toilets of a nightclub in the Spanish city of Sutton in December (pictured playing in Qatar).

The woman says she saw the tattoo when he tried to force her to perform oral sex and she resisted in a locked bathroom stall at the VIP club (pictured).

Spanish media have claimed that due to apparent inconsistencies in his evidence, Alves’ family wants him to change his lawyer and testify again.

Yesterday, Elvis moved from Brians 1 prison to the smaller Brians 2 prison where inmates are convicted of sex crimes.

The new detention center has ‘small residential modules’ where it is easier to guarantee the safety and coexistence of prisoners.

Officials said the type of crime Alves is accused of was not taken into account in the decision to transfer.

Elvis spent three nights at another facility that holds about 200 inmates.

The new one houses about 80 inmates, including convicted prisoners and others awaiting trial.

Alves is currently expected to share a cell with another inmate.

Defense lawyers are set to file an appeal against the detention, arguing that he should be granted more freedom but without a passport.

But there are fears that if he returns to Brazil, where there is no extradition treaty with Spain, he will remain beyond the reach of the law.

Alves’ ex-wife Dana Denora said: ‘I’m still in shock. It seems like it’s a nightmare and it’s not happening.’

Ex-wife and agent Dinora pictured here at a press conference in Barcelona in 2015.

Insisting she believes the father-of-two is innocent, the Brazil-based businesswoman told a Spanish TV programme: ‘Dani would never do it.

‘I say this because I have known him for 22 years and been married to him for ten years.

‘It’s a shock to me and my children.

‘I have two teenage children who are suffering.’

Speaking to the program Fiesta on Spain’s Telecinco station, Dana added: ‘Dani asked her lawyer to call me so I could deal with her most urgent things.

‘I found out he was in jail because of the phone call his lawyer asked me to make.

‘I don’t have access to Dani and I haven’t been able to talk to her on the phone. His lawyer says he is sad but he is fine. She is the only one who has been able to see it.

‘I’m here to do what I can to help him.’

Brines 1 prison near Barcelona where former Barcelona footballer Dani Alves is held.

Dani Alves (L) with wife Joana Sanz (R) in 2021, who recently discussed her husband’s arrest

Dana The footballer’s current wife, Spanish model Juana Sanz, spoke after.She said she had lost the ‘two pillars of my life’ after the imprisonment of her husband and the death of her mother.

The former Barcelona defender was sacked by Mexican club UNAM Pumas after it emerged he had been taken into custody by a judge over allegations of sexual assault following the death of his mother-in-law last week. He was arrested after going to Spain.

Spanish media reported that the footballer had asked his defense lawyer for permission to be re-examined under oath by the judge who jailed him pending an ongoing investigation to testify in and out of court about the allegations. have given statements to clarify the contradictions in them. After his arrest

He told a TV program before his arrest that he had never met his female co-accused although she admitted to being at the nightclub where the alleged incident took place.

Spanish media reports over the weekend, which police and court officials did not comment on, claimed he told the judge he had had ‘consensual sex’ with the woman while witnesses were told. And CCTV footage contradicts his TV claims that he had not met his alleged victim. .

Former Barcelona right-back Dani Alves (R), 39, pictured with his wife Juana Sanz (L)

Dani Alves moved to Mexican league side UNAM Pumas after a year at Barcelona.

Tenerife-born Juana Sanz had already shown her support for her man before his arrest and imprisonment, taking to social media to say that her husband had never disrespected her and claimed Did he see women ‘trying it on’ in front of Alves? of that

Hours before he was taken into custody, he posted a photo of himself holding hands with the message ‘Together’ in English.

On Friday night Joanna, who married Alves in 2017 in Formentera, off Ibiza, wrote: ‘I ask the media who are outside my home to please respect my privacy at this time.

‘My mother died a week ago and I had barely begun to understand that she was no longer with me to be tormented by my husband’s condition.

‘I have only lost two pillars in my life.’

Alves was released from his contract at UNAM Pumas after returning from a stint at Barcelona.

Investigations currently carried out by investigating magistrates can take months or even years to complete, although they tend to speed up their investigations when suspects are incarcerated.

Under formal investigation people can be held in prison without charge in Spain for up to four years, although the usual limit is two years.

In Spain, formal charges are only brought when an investigating magistrate has enough evidence for a trial and subsequently invites the prosecution to submit an indictment.

Both the state prosecutor and the lawyer acting for Alves’ female accuser in the case called for the footballer’s remand during a closed-door court hearing on Friday after his arrest at an undisclosed location in Barcelona.

Elvis has won 42 football titles, including three Champions Leagues with Barcelona and two Copa Americas with Brazil.

He played his third World Cup, the only major title to elude him, last month.

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