Ethereum devs create a ‘shadow fork’ to test Ether return conditions.

As the proposed date for the Ethereum Shanghai update approaches, developers have created a testing environment called a “shadow fork,” according to a Jan. 23 tweet thread by Go-Ethereum developer Marius van der Wijden. The new test appears to be designed to test the conditions required for NetEther.ETH) stacking exclusions, which are currently disabled but are intended to be enabled in an update.

The name of the testnet is “withravel-manit-shadow-fork-1”. According to Web3 node provider Alchemy, a “shadow fork” is a fork of the mainnet that intended To be used for testing purposes only.

Van der Wijden said that he and another developer called “Putos” would create malicious nodes that would send malicious blocks and messages to other nodes on the testnet and try to convince them to join a false version of the network. will For now, the network is running smoothly, but van der Wijden has said he “wants to see if Potos and I can crack it.” This is apparently being done to see if the upgrade can prevent malicious attacks or if further changes need to be made before it can be applied to the mainnet.

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This testnet was launched as devs expressed a growing urgency to make the return of Ether staking a reality. On January 6, he held a meeting during which he agreed To exclude the proposed EVM Object Format (EOF) from the Shanghai upgrade. EOF was intended to make it easier to upgrade Ethereum in the future. But due to its complexity, the devs decided to leave it out of Shanghai for fear that it would delay implementation on the return.

14.5 million ETH (worth over $23 billion at the time of this writing). Accumulation According to a December report from Nansen, Ethereum is embedded in a staking contract and cannot currently be withdrawn. In November, Ethereum devs Came under severe criticism. For allegedly moving the goal post in order to activate the evacuation.

The Shanghai upgrade is currently scheduled. be implemented Sometime in March.