Family of 20-year-old student who died in fraternity hazing awarded $3 million in settlement

The family of the deceased student Wines Bowling Green State University was paid nearly $3 million to poison the fraternity while pledging.

Stone Foltz, 20, a sophomore business major Ohio University, died in a hospital in March 2020 – three days later He was reportedly blindfolded and forced to take 40 pills. By pledging the Delta Beta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha

Foltz was found unconscious by a roommate after fraternity members allegedly dropped him off at his apartment. He was put on life support and died after his family arranged for his organs to be donated.

His parents, Corey and Shari, have started a foundation and said during a joint settlement announcement Monday that they would work with the university to end the haze on college campuses.

The settlement with the university is in addition to more than $7 million in payments made by the family and others involved, court documents show.

The family of Stonefoltz (pictured) who died of an alcohol overdose while pledging a fraternity has been awarded nearly $3 million by Bowling Green State University.

Foltz’s parents, Corey and Shari, pictured, have started a foundation and said during a joint settlement announcement Monday that they will work with the university to end the haze on college campuses.

Foltz, from Delaware, Ohio, was found unconscious after members of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity left him in his apartment. He died after three days on life support.

Eight former members of the fraternity either pleaded guilty or were found guilty of various charges, including reckless homicide, furnishing alcohol to a minor and furnishing alcohol.

There were two out of eight. Bad last year More serious charges including involuntary manslaughter. His defense attorneys argued that Foltz was not forced or required to finish the entire bottle of wine and that he made the decision himself.

In their wrongful-death lawsuit, Foltz’s parents accused the school of failing to prevent hazing in fraternities and sororities despite being aware of it.

It said it was seeking damages because the defendants’ conduct was “totally intolerable in civilized society” and described How pledges were allegedly blindfolded and taken to a cellar where they were encouraged to down an entire bottle of wine.

Stone was forced to drink the bottle, which was the equivalent of 40 shots, then collapsed in his apartment and left unattended on the couch, the suit says.

His roommate later found him breathing and called Stone’s girlfriend, then 911. The 20-year-old was rushed to hospital where he died a few days later.

The settlement with the university is in addition to more than $7 million in payments to the family, which has since been fired, and others involved.

In their wrongful-death lawsuit filed in 2021, Foltz’s parents accused the school of failing to prevent disturbances in fraternities and sororities despite being aware of it.

Foltz’s parents, Corey and Shari, filed a lawsuit alleging the pledges were blindfolded and taken to a basement where they were encouraged to down an entire bottle of wine.

Both parties said in a joint statement on Monday that they will always be affected by his death. ‘We can continue our fight to save lives,’ said his mother, Shari Foltz.

‘This resolution prevents the Foltz family and the BGSU community from reliving the tragedy in court for years to come and allows us to focus on advancing our shared mission to end hazing in Ohio and across the country. “Leading these efforts in our communities is the real work that brings honor to Stone,” the statement said.

The family’s attorney, Rex Elliott, said Monday that the university is One is trying To prevent another tragedy from happening, colleges across the country must play a role in reforming how fraternities and sororities recruit new members.

“If hazing doesn’t end, Greek organizations will not survive,” Elliott said. ‘Hazing and pledge programs are a thing of the past.’

After the hazing deaths, Bowling Green was fired. Pi Kappa Alpha And said he would never be accepted on campus again.

The university also developed a plan to address anti-hazing efforts, including hiring a prevention coordinator and making it easier for students to report hazing to the school.

Foltz’s death also spurred changes beyond Bowling Green, including a new state law that includes tougher criminal penalties for hazing — a proposal first proposed in 2018 at an Ohio University student fraternity house. I was postmortemed after eating nitrous oxide.

Stonefoltz’s parents gave permission for her organs to be donated after her death.

‘I can’t describe the pain – a piece of my heart is gone. It’s just unimaginable, I can’t even understand you’: Shari is pictured with Stone at her high school graduation.

Timeline of Stonefoltz’s death

According to Foltz’s family’s lawsuit, the events of March 4 allegedly unfolded like this:

Between 8.15 and 8.45 pmStonefoltz exchanged text messages with several of his friends and a pledge brother.

Around 9 pm., Stonefoltz moved to 318 North Main Street in Bowling Green, which served as the off-campus fraternity house for Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Beta Chapter. According to the Delta Beta Chapter’s new member handbook, two events were scheduled for March 4, 2021: ‘Pledge Ed, Round Robin Before Big/Little’ which was classified as an ‘Education’ event. and ‘big/small’ which was categorized as ‘formal event’. Dylan Dunson, Jacob Crane, Jarrett Pricell, Garrett Hardt, Jamir Dodson, Kenyon Caldwell, Benjamin L. Boyers, Neal R. Sweeney, and Aaron Lehane were on hand for the major/minor ceremony.

While defendant Troy Henricksen was not present for the Big/Little event, he planned the event, put the ‘bigs’ and ‘littles’ together, and notified pledges and activists for the ‘big/little’ event. What did Defendant Troy Henrickson also instructed Stonefoltz and other positions that he would be required to notify faculty members of his possible absence from class the next day.

It was only at the last minute that the defendant, Troy Henrickson, handed over the party to Jarrett Pricell. After Stonefoltz arrived at 318 North Main Street, he and other pledges discussed the pledge process during a round-robin event.

Afterward, Stonefoltz and the other pledges were blindfolded by active members and taken to a basement area while they were yelled at and shoved in an attempt to dissuade them. Stone Foltz’s ‘Big Brother’ was Jacob Crane, a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha and Delta Beta chapters. In the basement, defendant Jacob Kern provided Stone Foltz with a bottle of alcohol. Stonefoltz was then forced to consume an entire bottle of wine before leaving 318 North Main Street. Stonefoltz drank a bottle of wine in 18 minutes.

Around 10 p.m, defendant Jacob Kern and others left 318 North Main Street with Stone Foltz. Jacob Crane and the others drop Stonefoltz in his apartment. Jacob Crane had to spend the night with Stonefoltz to make sure he was safe and take care of him. Jacob Cranston didn’t stay with Foltz. Instead, Stonefoltz was driven to her apartment by car and left alone on the couch to die.

Around 10.30 pm, Stonefoltz’s roommate – Wade McKenzie – arrived home and found Stone face down on the couch in the living room. At that time, the stone was still breathing. Wade McKenzie sat next to him and tried to make sure he was safe. Wade also called Stone’s girlfriend, Maddie Borja, to come see Stone. Tragically, shortly after Maddy arrived, Stonefoltz stopped breathing and his face and ears turned purple and blue.

11.23 pmMaddie Borja called 911.

At 11.25 pm, EMTs arrived and began CPR on Stone. Stonefoltz was taken to Wood County Hospital and then airlifted to ProMedica Hospital in Toledo, Ohio. Unfortunately, due to the prolonged lack of oxygen, Dr. Stone was unable to bring Foltz back. From March 5 till his death on March 7, doctors at ProMedica Hospital made strenuous efforts to prepare Stone’s body for organ donation.

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