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Wasabi Wallet is working with 12 other Bitcoin projects and companies, including Blockstream, BTCPay and Trezor, to organize a Bitcoin World treasure hunt called “Hunting Sets”.

For the entire week starting January 23, 2023, the entities involved will reveal the bitcoin wallet seed words containing 3,454,811 sets. The companies invite all bitcoiners to try to crack this bitcoin wallet and claim all its sets.

An announcement sent to Bitcoin Magazine explained how brute forcing would be the method that would allow participants to crack the seed, saying that “for this game, brute forcing a bitcoin wallet means breaking the seed. Finding words and passphrases, in this case, setting them up. In the correct order and using the resulting backup as a way to recover wallet funds. There are many ways to achieve this and bit General knowledge about coin wallets, script types, derivation paths, checksums, passphrases and BIP-39 seed words would be helpful … as more words come out, brute-forcing becomes easier, so time ticks. Tick ​​in. People around the world compete to break the wallet.

A 12-word, passphrase-protected Bitcoin address (BIP39) is generated A BTC address Who has now grabbed the seats. Every word from the wallet, including passphrases, was shared with 12 partners. During the week starting January 23, each partner will share their talk using the hashtag #HuntingSats. At the end of the week, more clues will be shared if no one has successfully accessed Bitcoin.

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