“I think it’s the right decision.”

Henrik Stenson, former Team Europe captain for the Ryder Cup, is confident the courts will rule in favor of LIV Golf and its members.

The lawsuit is about whether LIV Golf members can rejoin the PGA Tour or DP World Tour.

Stinson said he was confident, referring to Augusta National’s decision to allow LIV golfers. Per GolfByTourMiss:

“Pretty confident and if you ask me, I think it’s the right decision. I guess the R&A were signaling that LIV players would be eligible for the ’23 Open, and Augusta National recently. All eligible indicated. LIV players can play Masters.”

He believes the game of golf needs unity and he can get it:

“I think with everything that’s going on, the majors are in a position where they’re going to play together and get to the top of the game, and that’s what we want. As many weeks as possible on base. That has never happened because the players have been spread across different tours and around the world.”

If the courts don’t rule in his favor, this could be Stenson’s last appearance on the DP World Tour:

“Yes, it would probably be a shame if the court decision goes there, but I wouldn’t think too much about it.”

He added:

“I’m here to enjoy these two weeks and start my season and see where we go from there. Although it might as well be in America for me, as I’m playing my last PGA. The tour could play the event depending on what happens. But I’m not going to call the shots on it.”

Augusta National said something similar when they decided to allow LIV golfers to participate, saying that the game of golf should transcend petty differences.

Henrik Stenson believes that these are the major tournaments that unite golf and that everyone should be able to play:

“It’s the big championship that brings all the players together, and you see who’s playing the best golf and they’re going to get that attention, and rightfully so.”

Golf cannot reasonably be called when the best of the best are competing in a major. Life Golfers is not allowed.

Split between the PGA Tour and Life Golf, with Henrik Stenson firmly in the middle, was never wide. That could come to a head in the coming weeks with a court case that could change golf forever.

Who replaced Henrik Stenson as the captain of Team Europe?

Due to his move to LIV Golf, Henrik Stenson was suddenly removed from golf. Captain of Team Europe.. This is a major part of the lawsuit that is currently ongoing.

Henrik Stenson and Luke Donald
Henrik Stenson and Luke Donald

He was soon replaced. Luke DonaldThat could lead a team made up of several LIV golfers, including Henrik Stenson. This could be a very interesting Ryder Cup.

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