Jeopardy who won! tonight? January 23, 2023, Monday

A new week has begun. Danger! Season 39 airs a new episode on Monday, January 23, 2023, featuring two-time champion Troy Meyer.

Per the show’s format, he returned to the show to defend his win against two new players — Ann Faircloth, a farmer from Clinton, North Carolina, and Duncan Bowling, an ICU nurse manager from Washington, DC.

Here is the official synopsis of the game show:

“A returning champion and two challengers test their buzzer skills and their knowledge in a wide range of academic and popular categories.”

Troy, a music executive from Tampa, Florida, won two games with a total score of $62,600. In the latest episode, they return to play their third game.

Today’s threat! The winner is Troy Meyer.

After the last one Friday’s event, Troy Meyer returns to play his third game on Monday against two new players. He had a great run in the latest episode.

First-round categories included “city name change, Oscar-winning formula, drugs, “side” effects, chess pain, boating after eating.”

Troy played brilliantly in Round 1. He not only found the first Daily Double but also gave zero wrong answers. With 17 correct answers, Troy took the lead in the first round and banked $13,600. Duncan’s bowling was commendable against third player Ann Faircloth. The latter struggled to hold the signaling device and thus could only attempt eight questions, of which five were correct and three were incorrect. She scored -$400, while Duncan came in second with a score of $5,200.

In the second round, the categories were “Afghanistan and Pakistan, Now’s Novels, Putin “P” Tables, TV Connectors, Words of Peace, Hey… Where Did They Go?”

Double Jeopardy round given. Troy Both Daily Doubles. He found them back-to-back, however, only winning the Daily Double. Losing one of them didn’t affect Troy’s position on the scoreboard as he was on top with a score of $32,000. Duncan played very well and took home a $13,600 bank in Round 2. Anne was still struggling and could only attempt two questions in that round. Unfortunately, one of the answers he gave was incorrect, and he received a score of $0. According to the rules of the show, Ann did not qualify for the final round.

Duncan and Troy played the final Jeopardy round as Ann was disqualified. Both players answered the last question correctly. With Troy already in the lead, the final score didn’t affect the scoreboard.

So, Troy Meyer wins Danger! today

Troy Meyer: Tonight's Winner (Photo by Jeopardy)
Troy Meyer: Tonight’s Winner (Photo by Jeopardy)

Final threat! Today’s results

I The final round The category for the January 23 episode was “Astronomy and Geography” and the clue/question read:

“At the winter solstice, the Sun is in Sagittarius; it once appeared in this constellation, which gave its name to a geographical feature.”

The correct answer to the last clue was “Capricorn”.

Troy and Duncan answered the final clue correctly in the latest episode. Anne did not participate in the third round because she scored zero dollars in round 2. The game showrules, “If a player finishes the second round with zero dollars, he is out of final jeopardy.”

A look at the final results of the January 23 episode:

Troy Meyer: $32,000 + $3,000 = $35,000 (Capricorn) (3-day total: $97,600)

Duncan Bowling: $13,600 + $2,500 = $16,100 (What’s the cap?)

Ann Fair Cloth: $0 (not eligible)

With today’s win, Troy became the three-day champion with a score of $97,600. The Florida native will now return to play his fourth game against two new contestants in the next episode.

Organized by Ken Jenningsthe syndicated game show will air a new episode on Tuesday, January 24, 2023.

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