Josh Taylor is suffering from a ‘very bad injury’ and will have to wait for Jack Cattrall’s rematch. Boxing News

Josh Taylor has confirmed he has suffered a “very bad injury” in the build-up to the Jack Catterall rematch and the Scottish world champion has insisted “we’ll fight when I’m ready to fight”.

Taylor had been expected to confirm a second fight with Cattrall, but the fitness setback means a longer wait for his return to the ring after his controversial points win over the Chorley boxer last February. Will be.

The bitter rivals had to part ways on Saturday night when they clashed angrily at ringside while attending the Chris Eubank Jr v Liam Smith bill at Manchester’s AO Arena.

Jack Catterill throws Josh Taylor down the left at the OVO Hydro, Glasgow.
Cattrall connects with Taylor with a left in their first fight.

“When I’m ready to fight, we’ll fight,” Taylor said. I’m hurt and it really was. Sky Sports After Liam Smith’s loss to Chris Eubank Jr.

“On Monday I got hurt for a week there, but I’m trying to get through it and see if I can continue training, but I haven’t been able to.

“I went to the specialist, and it’s a really bad injury, so I can’t rush the recovery. I just have to wait and see how long it takes to heal.

Josh Taylor celebrates as Jack Cattrall reacts in disbelief to the judges.  Decision (PA)
Taylor celebrates as Cattrall expresses disbelief at the judges’ decision.

“It’s very disappointing. I was fired up for this fight, ready to go. I was flying in the gym and everything was going well.

“Everything was on point and then I had a bad accident, and it’s just one of those things that’s out of my control.

“I can just try and recover as quickly as possible, get back in the gym and get back into the training routine as quickly as possible.

“Hopefully soon. I can’t really put a timeline on it. I have to wait and see how the recovery goes and what the doctors and specialists say.

“It’s not like I’m going to rush it because it’s bad enough. So we’ll have to wait and see, but hopefully as soon as possible, because I really want to get this fight and get my Want to advance career.

“My career has been on hold for a few years now, so I want to get back on the road.”

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Extended highlights of Josh Taylor’s controversial split decision win over Jack Cattrall.

Taylor’s controversial split decision on Catterall has been the subject of heated debate ever since.

Taylor had to relinquish three of the four world titles he held to make the rematch happen, and refused to have mandatory challengers removed from fights of his choice.

He remains the WBO 140lb champion, so while the rematch wouldn’t allow Catterall to challenge for undisputed status once again, it would be his second consecutive world title shot. Mainly though it would give Cattrall an opportunity to try to settle the score with Taylor.

However, the Scotsman’s injury will mean a longer wait for the fight that both men want.

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