Justin Sun takes losses and sells Curve DYDX and GAL.

Tron (TRX) founder Justin Sun sold a significant number of Curve (CRV) DyDx (DYDX) and Galxe (GAL) tokens, after holding them for more than half a year.

Data collected from on-chain analytics platform Arkham Intelligence shows that on January 23, Sun went onto exchanges and sold a significant amount of tokens. These transactions included more than 821,700 CRV (worth $894,000) deposited and sold on Binance, the world’s leading crypto exchange, and 19,500 GAL (worth more than $38,500) transferred and sold on Binance.

Justin Sun takes a hit

Finally, the most notable transaction was 892,700 DYDX (worth $1.62 million) deposited on Binance that has not yet been transferred to the exchange’s wallet – suggesting it may still be credited to Sun’s Binance account. is done So, more than $2,552,000 was raised in Binance, with $932,500 confirmed as sales by press time.

Looking at Sun’s transactions involving CRV, we can see that he transferred 763,000 CRV to his account from a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform aimed at CRV rewards Convex Finance and an unknown address just a week ago – selling Most of the CRV that occurred had to be accounted for.

Eight months ago, Sun also received his initial deposit from Convex Finance for about 21,800 CRVs — worth about $30,000 then but only $23,640 as of press time, down 37.6%.

Similarly, GAL transactions from the included wallets show that eight months ago, when Sun received most of the 16,000 GAL transactions from the Gnosis protocol, they were worth $273,000. When he sold more than 19,500 GAL gross, they were worth only $38,500.

Sun’s transactions involving DYDX show that he received a total of 892,000 DYDX from an on-chain DYDX distributor in transactions between seven and eight months ago. When those tokens — almost all of which had already been sent to Binance — were received, they were worth about $2.6 million — more than all the assets they transferred to Binance today.

The development is after recent Reports That Sun has moved $281 million worth of tokens in just a few days. Also, Suraj was recently involved in these institutions. received Transfers from Managers of Alleged Scam Token FTX 2.0

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