Kevin Harvick laments the infamous Brad Keselowski-Jeff Gordon incident in 2014.

The 2023 NASCAR Cup Series season will be the last for Kevin Harvick as he recently announced that he will retire from the sport at the end of the season.

During his 22-year-long career, Harvick achieved many milestones and earned respect for his composure with an outspoken attitude, but he wasn’t always the same person because he made a mistake in the heat of the moment in the past. Which they are doing now. Sorry

Kevin Harvick Has been involved in a few fights in his career. Back in his 2014 championship-winning season, Brad Keselowski And Jeff Gordon were involved in battles both on and off the track during the playoff races at Texas Motor Speedway. Now, Harvick has explained why he went in and pushed Keselowski for no reason.

During a recent appearance on “Stacking Penies with Corey LaJoie,” the #4 Ford driver spoke about the incident and called it his most embarrassing moment.

Harwick said:

“I know what I was thinking when I pushed him into the fight and then chaos ensued. For me, my mind was, ‘Man, we’re not going to win tonight. We need chaos.’

“Finally, we made it to Homestead. We needed the story to go somewhere other than us and get out of the conflict. It did exactly what I wanted to do, but it’s a YouTube search for your kids. Not the best thing to do, is starting a fight.”

“I felt like I was just part of the process” – Kevin Harvick’s character changed after the incident

Additionally, Kevin Harvick made several other interesting comments in the episode “Stacking Pennie with Corey LaJoie”. Another interesting moment in the conversation was when the Stewart-Haas Racing driver explained how he has changed over the years. He spoke openly about friction between himself and other members of his former Richard Childress Racing team.

Harwick said:

“From that point on, I realized that I’m just part of the process. I can’t just be a ****** who comes in and says, ‘You’re an idiot, our cars are terrible.’ Just scream and scream, this and that. It won’t fix anything.”

That change has brought Kevin Harvick closer to a NASCAR Hall of Fame career. He has won 60 Cups, won the championship in 2014 and is one step away from the 800 Cup race milestone.

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