Kroger Health Launches Clinical Trial Site Network

Kroger Health, the healthcare division of the major grocery chain, announced Tuesday that it has launched a clinical trial site network.

The company said it will work with trial sponsors, contract research organizations and health systems to conduct clinical trials out of Kroger pharmacies and clinics. It will also use virtual care and digital health tools to ensure patients stay involved in clinical trials.

Along with the announcement, Kroger revealed that its first clinical trial is currently recruiting patients. The company is working with Persephone Biosciences on a study aimed at finding microbiome-based biomarkers that may indicate colorectal cancer. Kruger said he will enroll an initial group of 55 people, but plans to expand to new locations next year with more participants.

“With our team of more than 24,000 healthcare professionals, under the America’s Grocer umbrella, we stand at the intersection of food and healthcare, which gives us a unique opportunity to expand access to clinical trial opportunities.” Colleen Lundols, president of Kroger Health, said in a statement. “As a trusted community healthcare destination, we envision a future where our work transforms the clinical trial landscape and provides broad trial access to the people we serve. “

A big trend

Other retail outlets have launched their own clinical trial offerings, arguing that they can improve access and diversity in clinical research.

In 2021, CVS Health announced its clinical trial services. The business, which will help recruit patients, conduct studies and generate real-world evidence. Earlier last year, CVS announced a partnership with it. Decentralized clinical trial company Medable To power his services.

So did Walgreens Stepped into the clinical trials spaceAdvertise your business over the summer. The company said it will use in-person and virtual care as well as technology resources to conduct the studies.

Retail players like Walgreens, CVS, Walmart and Amazon are growing rapidly. Pushing into the delivery of care. Kroger’s Lindols told Healthcare IT News Pharmacists can play a major role in working with patients, including education about chronic conditions, coaching about smoking cessation or dietary compliance, and discussing disease prevention strategies.

“Despite the average American living within five miles of a pharmacy, pharmacists are one of the most underutilized health care resources in their communities. The good news is that we are seeing a shift in the perception of pharmacists who prescribe medications. is beyond the provision of.” “Benefiting from their exceptional training and education, pharmacists are poised to be at the heart of community health care.”

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