Leah Croucher mystery deepens: Police make fresh appeal for witnesses who saw lone suspect

Police have launched a fresh appeal for witnesses in the investigation into the teenager’s death. Leah CroucherWhose body was found three and a half years after his disappearance.

Officers have released a computer-generated image of the man they suspect, which shows what he looked like when he disappeared in Milton Keynes in February 2019.

Suspect Neil Maxwell is the only person being investigated in connection with Leah’s murder, but police have not been able to locate him in the area at this time.

Maxwell took his own life in April 2019, two months after Leah’s disappearance.

Police have released a computer-generated image of what Neil Maxwell looked like when Leah Croucher went missing.

Officers previously released this last known photo of Maxwell, but believe he changed his appearance to avoid capture.

Leah’s remains were found in the attic of a house in Milton Keynes in October, but a post mortem was unable to establish her cause of death.

Thames Valley Police said it had carried out more than 2,000 searches and examinations since the discovery, and interviewed hundreds of witnesses to help solve the 19-year-old’s disappearance.

A photograph of Maxwell was published last year when police appealed for witnesses, but officers have said he changed his appearance to avoid detection as he investigated a 2018 sexual assault in Newport Pagnell. was wanted in relation to

In February 2019, a computer-generated image of Leah when she went missing has been published.

Police say he had grown a beard and may be underweight. Although he stopped using mobile phones and his cars to avoid being caught.

Thames Valley Police is appealing for anyone with further information or who may have seen Maxwell in Milton Keynes around the time Leah went missing.

Detective Chief Superintendent Ian Hunter, head of crime, said: ‘I can confirm that Neil Maxwell remains the only named suspect at this point in the investigation, and our investigation has been diligently gathering enough evidence to establish the truth. have been

Leah Croucher, 19, went missing in Milton Keynes in February 2019. In October 2022, his body was found in a house there.

Police have appealed for anyone with information about Leah’s disappearance to come forward.

Maxwell knew he was wanted in connection with a sexual assault investigation that occurred in Newport Pagnell in November 2018 and appears to have made extensive efforts to evade arrest by using false names, and we believe That he has stopped using his mobile phone and his vehicles.

‘He may have known that if he was arrested and convicted he would be back in prison.

‘Investigations have now also shown that Maxwell may have changed his appearance to avoid being recognised.

‘He had grown a beard and may have lost weight. So we’ve created a computer image of what Maxwell must have looked like when Leah went missing in the hopes that it might jog someone’s memory.

‘Did you see this person in or around Loxbeare Drive, Furzton at any time between December 2018 and 20 April 2019?

‘Or you can help us find out more about Neil Maxwell.

‘Do you know where he was between December 2018 and April 20, 2019, what phone number he was using, what car he was driving, who he was with or any other useful information that would give us Leah. Can help establish the truth for the family? You can certainly talk to us in confidence too.’

Anyone with information can call police on 101 regarding ‘Operation Innsbruck’ or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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