Love Island 2023: David is the first Islander to be dumped when Tanya chooses Shaq to reunite.

David Salako The Love Islander was the first to leave the villa on Friday night after the first re-coupling of the series.

The 24-year-old has been feuding with Tanya Manhanga since entering the boom shell, but Friday night’s episode saw her pick it up. Shaq Muhammad.

As the boys gathered around the fire pit, the girls were given their choice of who to pair up with.

First to go: David Salako was the first Love Islander to leave the villa on Friday night after the first re-coupling of the series

Lana Jenkins was the last to go – with only David and Will Young left to be chosen.

Hoping to hook up with someone else, Lana admits she’s in a ‘s**t’ situation and chooses to pair up with Will.

She said: ‘I’ve decided to pair up with this guy, although it’s not the right decision, he’s been consistent in giving me a lot of attention and he’s always funny.’

Although he chose Will she. Possibly hoping for a couple with Ron Hall – who made it clear in the first episode that he was only interested in her.

Moment of Truth: As the boys gather around the fire pit, the girls are given their choice of who to pair up with.

Things heat up between Lana and Ron as they share a kiss on the balcony after Ron tells Zara that he has strong feelings for the blonde.

But Tennielle isn’t going to let that stop her from choosing Ron to get back together, forcing Lana to choose Will, who she sees more as a friend.

After Taniel chose Ron, Lana was seen immediately tearing up, to which Taniel said: ‘I feel so bad’.

Awkward: The 24-year-old bombshell has been breaking up with Tanya Manhanga since moving in, but Friday night’s episode saw her choose Shaq Muhammad.

In fact, viewers praised Ron Hall earlier in the episode. Zara Lockenby Brown Slow down on Friday’s episode of Love Island.

They had been flirting since arriving at the villa but things have ended between the pair.

Bombshell Zara pulls Ron over for a chat while he’s talking with Lana Jenkins, who he’s currently dating.

However, the chat doesn’t go as planned as Ron tells Zara he’s become ‘really close’ with Lana – and kisses her minutes later.

Contour: However, the chat didn’t go to plan as Ron told Zara he’d become ‘really close’ with Lana – and kissed her minutes later

Ron said: ‘I’ve had that connection with him since the beginning. Instead of putting 75% of your energy into just one girl and then finding…’

Zara said: ‘Don’t you think you talked to me about it?’

Ron replied: ‘It’s only after watching you make things up with Tom.’

End of the road: Viewers praise Ron Hall for gently taking down Zara Lockenby Brown in Friday’s episode of Love Island

Taking it on the chin, Zara said: ‘Hmm okay. I really rate Lana, I love her.’

Moments later, Ron and Lana head to the balcony where he tells her about his conversation with Zara.

He told her: ‘I spoke to Zara, she’s out of the picture.’

Ron then leaned in and gave her a kiss, Lana said in the beach hut: ‘It really feels like he has something to do with me. This is a step in the right direction.’

The islands that have now joined are: Tanya and Shaq, Anna-May and Kai, Zara and Tom, Taniel and Ron, Lana and Will and Olivia and Harris.

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