More than six in ten Americans think Biden handled classified documents ‘improperly’: Poll

A majority of Americans trust the president. Joe Biden A new poll on Sunday suggested that classified documents were ‘inappropriately’ handled.

It comes a day after Biden’s personal lawyer announced that six more documents, some with classified markings, had been recovered from his Wilmington home. Delaware Home on Saturday.

According to CBS News, since the discovery, approximately 25 to 30 classified pages have been discovered in Biden’s private possessions.

According to one ABC News/Ipsos In a poll conducted on January 20 and 21, 64 percent of American adults disapprove of the issue.

Only 34 percent said Biden handled classified documents properly.

President Joe Biden is facing increasing scrutiny over his handling of classified documents.

Biden was targeted by Republican critics for insisting he had “no regrets” over the affair late last week.

But while Sunday’s poll showed it cast Biden in a bad light for most Americans, that’s a smaller share of people than those who viewed Donald Trump’s defeat with classified documents as bad. See from

Trump’s months of back-and-forth battles with the National Archives and later the Justice Department culminated in an FBI raid on his Mar-a-Lago property last August.

According to , more than 300 classified files were found in Palm Beach State. The New York Times.

77 percent of respondents said Trump’s handling of classified documents was inappropriate.

Less than a quarter – 22 percent – ​​believe he handled the matter appropriately.

Both have appointed special counsels to oversee their cases.

Former US attorney Robert Hore was tapped to take over for Biden this month, while in November, Jack Smith – a former war crimes prosecutor at The Hague – took on Trump.

As for the issues facing the country, Biden is still wrestling with the same lackluster approval ratings he’s seen for most of his tenure.

Thirty-eight percent said they supported his handling of the economy, while 60 percent indicated the opposite.

Similarly, only 31 percent approve of how Biden is handling today’s inflation rate.

Biden’s border policies are also in question, with nearly seven in 10 disapproving of how he is handling the refugee crisis.

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