Peyton Hills’ girlfriend has provided a major update on the former RB’s health after spending more than two weeks in the hospital following the drowning incident.

Prayers have been answered for Peyton Hillis!

The former NFL running back had been in the hospital since Jan. 5 after helping save the lives of six people in Pensacola, Florida. Hillis was on life support and was in serious danger of permanent kidney and lung damage after the incident. But thankfully he has recovered and is being discharged from the hospital. Hillis’ girlfriend provided an update on his health on social media, writing:

“God is so good! Peyton has been released from the hospital. The amount of love and gratitude I have for the incredible team caring for Peyton is indescribable. Nowhere near the number of people in this picture. Not those who cared so much about it.”

He also thanked the hospital staff and wrote:

“To Baptist Hospital of Pensacola: Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know I say this to you probably 20 times a day, but you are so incredible. You all have each and every one of you. Worked like a perfect machine together. Attentive, calm and caring. Not only did you save Peyton’s life, but you made it a priority to make sure me and his family fit into your busy schedule. in between. You were all very calm, kindly answered every question multiple times… and heck, even took care of me and made sure I was okay every night: hot tea for my throat. Pillai, made sure I was sleeping and eating, gave me a friend to confide in… I mean, I’m just in awe.”

Peyton Hills was released from the hospital to continue his recovery at home.

Angela Cole also thanked fans for their prayers and support while Peyton Hills was fighting for her life in hospital. Hall of Famer Emmet Smith recently visited the former NFL. Seen in the hospital and in good spirits, even for a photo.

NFL legend Emmet Smith recently visited Peyton Hills in the hospital. Hulse is ‘on the road to recovery’ after the accident in which she saved her children from drowning. Hulse’s condition was critical and he remained in the ICU for a long time. Surprisingly, he is doing well.

Peyton Hillis will now return home and continue his recovery as he works his way back to full health after the horrific incident.

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