Porsche Ends ‘Low Effort’ NFT Mint Early, Oreo Dives Into Metaverse And More

Porsche criticized for ‘low-effort’ NFTs, minute runs out early

Carmaker Porsche has had to cut a non-fungible token (NFT) mint for its popular white 911 model just two days after the public mint began, saying its holders had spoken.

The January 23rd launch was considered by some to be a huge flop for Porsche with only 2,040 of the 7,500 NFTs available at the time of writing being sold.

Mint has been criticized by the crypto community for being “low effort”, “tone-deaf” and overpriced. NFTs cost 0.911 Ether (ETH) ($1,417).

Sales in secondary markets are undercutting the current mint, with some selling. a little 0.86 as ETH.

After it announced a supply cut, Porsche clarified The mint will still be open until 11am UTC on January 25th. The collection recorded an increase in FOMO buying which temporarily pushed up the floor price.

Get Stuf’d: Oreo launches a Metaverse… and a really big cookie.

Cookie company Oreo launched its Metaverse, OREOVERSE, an interactive digital world where cookie lovers can play cookie-themed games and enter a sweepstakes.

OREOVERSE is on desktop, mobile and Meta’s Horizon Worlds, where users with a Meta Quest headset can enter the Metaverse and experience it in virtual reality (VR).

A screenshot from the web-based version of Oreo’s new Metaverse. Source: OREOVERS

Oreo enlisted the services of gardener and friend Ryan McCallister, as well as TV personality Martha Stewart, to validate the Oreo-inspired digital world.

The grand prize for the sweepstakes offers users a chance to win $50,000 among smaller prizes.

The Metaverse announcement was paired with the unveiling of its latest limited-edition cookie called “Most OREO OREO,” which features a “Most Stuff” cream center — filled with bits of Oreo.

Nike launched the NFT Marketplace with the Air Force 1.

In its first collection of NFTs on its “.SWOOSH Studio” NFT Marketplace, Nike is set to launch an NFT collection inspired by its iconic Air Force 1 sneaker following a community vote.

Polygons (MATICAccording to a Jan. 23 tweet by Jasmine Gao, senior product manager at Nike Virtual Studios, the NFTs will go live on Jan. 25.

Nike Announced the upcoming NFT Marketplace. On November 14 last year, which Nike Virtual Studio general manager Ron Farris claimed would help “the next millions” delve into the wonderful world of Web 3 and digital assets.

It aims to be a community-driven platform for Web3 digital art, offering members the opportunity to help create virtual collaborations with global fashion brands through community challenges.

According to the November 14 press release, members who win the challenge will also be able to earn. Royalty On the virtual product they help create.

Nike also suggested that digital wearables would eventually be usable in games and other “immersive experiences”.

Twitch co-founder Fractal brings its games to Polygon.

Gaming company Fractal is expanding its F Studio product suite to the Polygon blockchain and bringing 30 Polygon gaming partners along for the ride.

Partners include games like Phantom Galaxies, Life Beyond, League of Kingdoms, Blast Royale and Sunflower Land.

Fractal and Polygon Launch Partners. Source: Polygon Gaming.

Fractal is an NFT gaming marketplace. Founded by Twitch co-founder Justin Kahn. and provides a launchpad to facilitate new projects as well as tournaments.

It also boasts a software development kit that allows developers to create an in-game marketplace where players are able to buy and sell NFTs in-game instead of needing to go through Fractal’s marketplace.

The platform originally started on Solana (SOL) network, but as VentureBeat reported on January 23rd, is fractal. Extension Because of this on polygons speedthe ability to accelerate game development with the scalability and security of the Ethereum network.

Polygon Gaming will reportedly make a strategic investment in Fractal for an as-yet undisclosed amount, in an effort to deepen the partnership between the two firms.

More Nifty News:

An upcoming NFT racing game called Peta Rush sold out all available NFTs through both its whitelist and public sale. The game allows users to Integrate some NFT collections from outside. The games ecosystem pursues partnerships that allow them to use other collections’ IP.

In a recent interview with Cointelegraph, Kieran Warwick, co-founder of blockchain role-playing game Illuvium, suggested Casual gamers are “critical”. For the success of blockchain games that use NFTs. Yat Sui, chairman of Animoca Brands, echoed this sentiment, claiming that all it takes is one good game to kick off the blockchain gaming boom.