Richard Riakpora brushes aside Krzysztof Glowacki and calls for whoever is the next world champion Boxing News

Rising cruiserweight Richard Riakpore continued his march to world titles when he defeated Krzysztof Glowacki in four rounds on the Chris Eubank Jr. vs. Liam Smith undercard.

Riakporhe stepped up to the cruiserweight ranks in an impressive 2022, but could not risk defeat when he took on former WBO world champion Glowacki at Manchester’s AO Arena on Saturday.

Keiji led with his cross in the first round, but then Jabs stuck to keep the distance between them.

Riakporhe takes an important win against Glowacki
Riakporhe takes an important win against Glowacki

Poland’s Glowacki though connected with a left and the two traded a moment.

Glowacki hit a hard backhand left to the body of Rick Pura and the Londoner immediately hit back with a right hand.

They were looking for an opening in the first round and Riakpure found his in the second, striking Glowacki with an explosive right.

After shaking the pole badly, Riakpure shot at it with both hands. It was only the ropes that kept Glowacki on his feet.

But remarkably, he recovered from it to reach the third round. The pace slowed as Riakpure knocked Glowacki out with more blows. Qutb still landed a solid jab to the body.

Glowacki showed signs of the experience gained over his long career. He landed a clean combination as a right hook landed to the head from the left side of the body.

But Riakpure still managed to land a right to the head for the third time, just the kind of blow Glowacki couldn’t handle.

The Londoner looked for those power punches in the fourth round and Glowacki had to punch the air when a cross tested his body.

But it was a huge right hook to the head that proved to be Glocki’s undoing. It landed with a rocking force. Glowacki backs away and “The Midnight Train” steamrolls in, backing Glowacki into a corner post and into more hooks.

Referee Howard Foster was there to quickly intervene and as soon as he saw that Glowacki was out on his feet, he called for a stoppage with 16 seconds left in the fourth round.

“Stop all the next champions!” Riakporhe then declared.

“Jayopetia, I know you’re watching this. Trust me, we’re coming for you.

“[Ilunga] Makabo, you can’t run too far. [Lawrence] around, [Arsen] Golamirian, I know you all very well and I think of you every day when I sleep.”

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Ekow Essuman says his experience helped him win as he defeated rival Chris Kongo to retain his British and Commonwealth titles.

Ekow Essuman defended his British and Commonwealth welterweight titles after defeating Chris Kongo on a majority decision.

Kongo opened the proceedings, with Nottingham’s Asoman looking to counter him. He’s had limited success until Asoman works in close and lands a decent right hand. Kongo responded with solid punches of his own.

When the fight reached the halfway point, Esumine stepped up his work and pushed Kongo into the ropes. He tried to turn it into a physical battle, opening with a cello of hooks to the body.

Kongo catches Esoman with a right hand.
Kongo catches Esoman with a right hand.

In the 10th round, Kongo landed long straight punches as Esoman came. But the champion was starting to crumble and landed a hard right clean in the next round. Yesoman remained steadfastly on the front foot and hammered away at his challenger.

The attack put Kongo back in the ropes and forced him to hold on when he could. The Londoner ran after Jobs, needing to tame the British champion.

Kongo ran out of energy and fired in his right cross. But Esumen only eased the pressure by working hard. He landed a huge right but the determined challenger recovered his composure.

The Londoner stood proudly and the two embraced at the final bell.

Ekow Essuman retained his championship with a majority decision
Ekow Essuman retained his championship with a majority decision

Essman retained his belt with two scorecards in his favor, 116-113 and 115-114, while one judge had the bout 114-114.

“Like I said from the beginning, it was just the experience of those long fights, those other 12 rounders, those really tough fights where I had to dig deep,” Esumen reflected.

“The proof is in the pudding.

“Boxing is about what you can do when you’re tired, not what you can do when you’re fit, and my name is ‘The Engine’.”

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