Rishi Sink and Dominic Raab slam Nicola Sturgeon for not moving trans rapist from women’s prison

Rishi Sink And Dominic Raab is killed Nicola Sturgeon After the Scottish First Minister refused to move Transgender A double rapist from a women’s prison.

Downing Street has expressed ‘concern’ about the Scottish Government putting a male rapist in a women’s prison.

The prime minister’s official spokesman said he had ‘seen the reporting and understands the concerns’ over the decision to keep transgender woman Isla Bryson – formerly known as Adam Graham – in a women’s prison despite the rape of two women. ‘.

Justice Secretary Dominic Raab tweeted that such a move would not happen south of the border, where the government has amended laws to prevent transgender women from being housed in women’s prisons.

Rishi Sink and Dominic Raab hit out at Nicola Sturgeon after the Scottish First Minister refused to move transgender woman Isla Bryson out of a women’s prison.

Downing Street has expressed ‘concern’ about the Scottish Government putting a male-bodied rapist in a women’s prison – a move that will put pressure on Nicola Sturgeon to reverse the decision.

Under the new changes, Mr Raab said transgender people who had committed sex offenses or retained male genitalia could not be held in women’s prisons except in the most exceptional cases authorized by ministers. .

Both Downing Street and the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) revealed they were powerless to block the Scottish Government’s move because criminal justice is a devolved responsibility.

The transgender rapist ruling has no wider impact on UK equality laws or on practices in English and Welsh prisons.

An official source said The Telegraph: ‘The point is that we are taking a more common sense approach. We are further reforming prison laws in ways that the public will expect to ensure that prisoners receive the protection they expect behind bars.’

Rishi Singh’s official spokesman said he had ‘seen the reporting and understood the concerns’ over the decision.

Dominic Raab tweeted that such a move would not happen south of the border after the government amended laws to prevent transgender women from being housed in women’s prisons.

It comes after the former governor of Cartonville Women’s Prison said yesterday that she would have quit if transgender double rapist Bryson had been forced to house her.

Rona Hotkis said it was ‘appalling’ that the 31-year-old had been jailed in Stirlingshire after being convicted of raping two women while she was still a man.

Bryson is being held in a segregation unit at the all-female prison while a risk assessment is conducted.

But speaking to STV, Miss Hotchx said yesterday: ‘I’m very clear about the fact that they should be in a men’s prison – you can’t have someone like that terrorizing women.

Isla Bryson, 31, went by the name Adam Graham (pictured) and had a Mike Tyson-style face tattooed during violent sexual assaults in 2016 and 2019.

‘It’s terrible. The thought that a double-rapist could point his way into a women’s prison should shock everyone.

‘The other shocking aspect is that the Scottish Parliament could have chosen to legislate against this incident and they didn’t.’

Miss Hotchx previously told LBC radio: ‘Before I left I was in a very difficult situation where I was refusing to force female staff to search male-bodied prisoners and I was told I had to live for myself. I will make it very difficult.

‘If I wasn’t going to take early retirement anyway, I would have stayed there and pursued it. But today it would have been a resignation issue for me.

‘I have no doubt that this is a red line that I would not have crossed, and as governor of Corntonville I would have refused to have this man in my prison.’

Bryson began transitioning after appearing in court on rape charges. MPs and MSPs yesterday warned that female prisoners could be at risk, and the move sent a signal that male sex offenders could ‘game the system’.

The case has prompted calls for a review of Nicola Sturgeon’s Gender Identity Reform Bill.

The bill, which was vetoed by Prime Minister Rishi Singh, would allow anyone over the age of 16 to ‘self-identify’ as the opposite sex without the need for medical evidence or a diagnosis.

Nationalist MP Joanna Cherry told Times Radio: ‘A lot of people feel that this convicted rapist has toyed with the system. [and] Many people will be shocked by this.

‘Women in prison are very vulnerable. Over the years he has been abused and injured.

The point about human rights is that they are universal, and they apply to everyone.

‘I am therefore very concerned about the safety of female prisoners, with whom the rapist is held.

‘Under Scots law, the crime of rape can only be committed by a person with the penis, and that’s a man. I think we should explain what happened here.’

An amendment to the bill that would prevent people from changing gender while awaiting trial was proposed by the Tories but rejected by MSPs.

In an urgent question at Holyrood yesterday, Scottish Tory community safety spokesman Russell Findlay said: ‘This is exactly the scenario I tried to prevent when Nicola Sturgeon’s bill was passed, but my amendment was passed by a very narrow margin. Rejected.

“Despite this flawed bill, violent criminals are exploiting the system and putting vulnerable women at risk.”

Justice Secretary Keith Brown said: ‘I have confidence in the Scottish Prison Service to deal with this.

‘They are, as in England and Wales, not determined by the presence of a gender identity certificate. So if someone has a GRC, it will not guarantee them the right to move to a place of their choice.

‘Every decision is made on the basis of risk.’

Mr Findlay said: ‘Instead of instructing the SPS to stop this rapist and others from being sent to women’s prisons, the Justice Secretary handed them the money.’

He added: ‘I would urge Nicola Sturgeon to admit that he has got this horribly wrong and to include our amendment in any new draft of the Bill.’

Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab said the ‘common sense’ changes in England would mean that transgender women who have committed sex offenses or retained male genitalia cannot be held in women’s prisons.

A spokesman for the Scottish Prison Service said: ‘Where there are concerns about an individual posing a risk to either themselves or others, we retain the ability to keep them isolated from the mainstream population until further notice. An agreed management plan should not be implemented.’

Miss Sturgeon told BBC Radio 4’s PM programme: ‘A trans woman does not have the automatic right to go to prison for women convicted of a crime.

‘SPS assesses all prisoners or potential prisoners individually, carrying out a detailed assessment of the individual prisoner’s security risk. [and] of those who will be around the individual prisoner.

‘It’s about individual risk assessment.’

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