Starmer’s low blow at the sink: Labor leader asks 5ft 6 Premier if job ‘too big’ for him in tax row

sir Kerr Starmer appeared to be joking Rishi SinkDuring Prime Minister’s Questions today, they clashed over the tax affairs of a senior minister.

The Labor leader aimed to undercut the PM in exchange Nadeem Zahaviwho was absent from the Commons showpiece over the seven-figure sum he had to pay amid questions HMRC.

After the Tory chairman decided to stay away from the Commons chamber, Mr Sink admitted he had decided to open a Standards investigation after ‘more information’ emerged about the multi-million pound tax settlement. .

The Labor leader described him as ‘hopelessly weak’ and made a thinly veiled jibe at the PM’s height, who is 5ft 6.

‘We all know why the Prime Minister was reluctant to ask the head of his party questions about family finances and tax avoidance,’ said Sir Kerr, who is thought to be 5ft 8.

‘But his failure to fire him when the whole country can see what’s going on shows how hopelessly weak he is – a prime minister overseeing chaos, overwhelmed at every turn.

‘He cannot say when ambulances will reach heart attack victims again. He can’t say when the prison system will make the streets safe again. He cannot even deal with tax evaders in his cabinet.

‘Is he starting to wonder if this job is too big for him?’

A spokesman for the Labor leader later denied it was a joke at his peak.

The Labor leader aimed an exchange at the Prime Minister about Nadeem Zahawi, who was absent from the Commons showpiece, amid questions that he owed a seven-figure sum to HMRC.

Mr Zahavi has insisted he has no intention of resigning and has welcomed the possibility of an investigation by the prime minister’s independent adviser.

Mr Sink, who is 5ft 6, will join former Chancellor of the Exchequer Simon Clarke in 2020.

After Sir Kerr’s attack, Mr Sink replied: ‘The difference between him and me is that I stick to my values ​​and my principles even when it’s difficult.

‘When I fundamentally disagreed with the previous prime minister, I resigned from the government.

‘But for four years he sat next to the Member for Islington North (Jeremy Corbyn) – when antisemitism was at its height, when his predecessor sided with our opponents.

‘That’s the weak one, Mr Speaker. He has no principles and just petty politics.’

SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn said the issue of Mr Zahavi’s tax affairs was ‘now a matter of the Prime Minister’s own integrity and accountability’.

He said: ‘Can I ask the Prime Minister what advice he would have for people looking to protect their personal finances? Should they look to the future chair of the BBC to help secure an £800,000 loan?

‘Should they set up a trust in Gibraltar and hope that HMRC just doesn’t notice? Or should they do as others have done and just apply for non-dom status?’

Mr Sink replied: ‘I am proud of this Government’s record in helping the most vulnerable people in our society.

‘Helping all families this winter alone – £900 towards their energy bills, raising the National Living Wage to record levels and ensuring our pensioners get the support they need. . This is what this government is doing to ensure financial security in this country.’

Mr Flynn added: ‘Let’s be clear about this, this is now a matter of the Prime Minister’s own integrity and accountability.

‘Isn’t it any wonder that people in Scotland just think of the Tory party as a pack of rascals?’

Mr Sink replied: ‘What I stand for is due process, that’s why we have an independent consultant. It is right that the independent counsel is conducting his own investigation – that is how we will ensure accountability and that is what I will do.’

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