The research platform claims that Bitcoin is flashing long-term buy signals.

Game of Trades, a leading investment research platform, recently identified a promising long-term investment opportunity in Bitcoin.BTC), citing six analytical metrics, including cumulative trend scores and entity-adjusted dormancy flow. These assessments were made at a time when Bitcoin suffered a temporary setback to its upward momentum.

Institutions are rallying and LTHs seem fearless.

One of the metrics emphasized was the Aggregate Trend Score, which reflects the behavior of institutional investors in the acquisition and distribution of Bitcoin. Indications are that major financial institutions have accumulated more BTC tokens following the FTX-induced market decline. This pattern has been seen during previous market declines in 2018 and 2020.

Additionally, the platform featured Bitcoin’s entity-adjusted dormancy flow metric, which shows the length of time investors have held onto their tokens. The metric is currently at its all-time low, indicating the dominance of long-term holders, with short-term speculation currently absent.

These long-term holders (LTHs) who have dominated the market also seem unfazed by market fluctuations, as suggested by the Bitcoin Reserve Risk Indicator. As reserve risk has recently fallen to its lowest level in bitcoin history, it suggests that long-term investor confidence has peaked.

Miner’s profits are increasing.

Bitcoin’s realized price signal is an important metric in identifying market troughs. Historically, whenever the current price of Bitcoin has traded below its true value, it has marked a bottom in the market. This pattern, which was observed in 2015, 2019 and 2020, is currently prevailing as of the time of this report.

Game of Trades also noted the Bitcoin MVRVZ score, which illustrates the deviation in standard units between a bitcoin’s current market value and its true value. Historically, this metric has signaled a market bottom when it breaks out of the green zone. The metric currently shows exit signals, but investors are advised to exercise caution as the indicator has previously provided false signals.

Finally, the platform highlights the Puell Multiple, which illustrates Bitcoin’s earnings. Miner. Historically, when the Puell Multiple dips into the green zone, it signals severe financial pressure on miners in terms of profitability, causing weaker miners to exit the market.

Matric recently Start To go outside the green zone. Historically, later exits from this zone signal the peak of miners’ financial stress and the transition to profitability.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin has maintained a 6.73% gain over the past week despite broad market opposition. At the time of reporting the asset is currently changing hands at $22,544, down 1.28% in the last 24 hours. Game of Trades acknowledged that BTC will likely see some short-term slips, but these will not invalidate the long-term bullish outlook.

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Bitcoin price. Source: TradingView

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