The sex lives of younger generations are changing as they redefine intimacy.

Forget traditional porn, Gen Z is doing different things these days, including listening to porn, rather than watching it.

During this time the trend of audio porn started. Lockdown And now it’s embraced by young women, allowing their imaginations to ‘run wild’ while indulging in physical pleasure, providing a full body experience.

Anna Richards, founder and CEO of, explains: ‘The booming interest in audio porn has allowed us to tap into our natural interest in sex for arousal.’

He explained how humans work hard to consume sexual content, but how we access it changes. With the brain being the largest sexual organ.

Anna Richards, founder and CEO of, explained that for tech-savvy Gen Z, it’s just a few clicks away and available through their media of choice – a ‘safe haven’ for ‘sexual exploration’. (stock image)

We’ve already heard that this generation and millennials before it are less sexually active than they were 20 years ago, with celibacy rates doubling among 25- to 34-year-olds since 2002. .

For tech-savvy Gen Z, it’s just a few clicks away and available through the media of their choice, Anna told FEMAIL.

He said: ‘Such non-visual options for imagery, particularly our smartphones, make hot-wiring conceptual visions easy and highly accessible to our brains without anyone being the wiser.

‘Suddenly there’s no need for NSFW when it’s just our brains full of brilliant shit.’ has a range of audio clips, all of which are under 20 minutes and from different categories including dirty love, Netflix and chill, and late night viewing.

Audio taken off during porn actually Covid Global Pandemic Over the years most of us have sought comfort and escape within ourselves. Technology.

Women-founded startups like Dipsea, an app of five- to 20-minute short stories, launched during the lockdown as a way for women to focus on their bodies through sex-directed audio.

Anna explained that in the first six weeks after the initial lockdown in March 2020, she saw a 48% increase in the number of people listening to her site’s Frolicme audio porn stories, with 61% of women listening to the steamy stories. Was enjoying.

As humans we are naturally interested in sex, as we are biologically programmed to be naturally aroused by sex.

Gina Gutierrez, co-founder of California-based Dipsia, said: Vogue How should ‘Sexuality’ be in the category of fitness like ‘Exercise and Meditation’ to awaken the senses?

‘Audio erotica gives you a chance to feel a bit more sensual,’ she said.

How does Gen Z find love? Wake up to early morning dates, gym sessions and craft classes.

Badu’s research revealed that ‘don dating’ has become the latest trend on the dating scene.

Their singleton survey revealed that half of their customers are on a morning date or want to start doing so.

Almost half of the daters surveyed said they enjoy ‘dawn dating’ because there is no expectation of drinking.

About a third said they date first thing so they don’t have to sacrifice their social life for a date or cancel evening plans with friends.

Research has shown that three-quarters of mealtime dates, quiet dates, activities such as yoga, pottery, cooking or dance classes, and even gym dates, aside from the usual food and drinks, What you can expect from a first date.

‘For some people it’s great. [to] There will be a chance to turn off the “boss mind” and become a sensitive person again.’

Anna reflected on this further, saying: ‘So the consumption of sexual content and porn has always been high and will continue to be.

‘But it’s what we use and what changes our biggest sex organs in the brain and audio porn tapes.

‘The booming interest in audio porn has allowed us to continue our natural interest in sex for arousal.

‘It addresses the negative issues associated with mass-produced ultra-free porn, the kind of porn that is more of a turn-off than a turn-on.

‘The issues of consent, exploitation and violence often raised in audio porn are not common, providing a safe haven for discerning listeners to begin their sexual exploration.’

This is desirable for a more intelligent generation that is keen to pave the way for a more emotionally balanced lifestyle.

Categories include hookups, couples, rough, romantic, no holds barred, weird, straight and solo – designed for users to ‘slow down’ and ‘flow the flow’.

The solo category, which allows the user to have a central focus, allows people to log off from their work life and move into a sensitive zone.

In a 10-minute dipsia solo session titled ‘Self-Touch: Glow Up’, a female narrator guides the user to tap through their body and into unexplored areas.

Gina explains how the session will focus on the hands and ‘reconnect you with your body’ to understand ‘what sensations feel good’.

‘Masturbation can be like a magic potion that releases endorphins and oxytocin – hormones that make you feel good and calm you down,’ she explains.

During the warm-up exercise, a narrator instructs the user to ‘rub your palms together to generate heat’ before the palms meet the fingertips with the forearms.

She explains: ‘Run the thumb of each hand over the pads of your fingers as if you were sprinkling salt. Pick up one finger that you will use on yourself to begin with.’

The narrator continues: ‘Imagine those hands are not your own. Whose are they? Spend a moment conjuring this imaginary person.’

Anna explained: ‘Hearing and experiencing what excites us helps shape our own understanding when it comes to using words or sounds to motivate our loved ones.

“Understanding how to communicate intimately with your loved ones in order to act at the right time is the foundation of great dirty talk.”

In a 10-minute dipsia solo session titled ‘Self-Touch: Glow Up’, a female narrator guides the user to tap through their body and into unexplored areas.

‘Gen Z is more likely to enjoy sex-texting their partner or partners, so sexy audio has a stronger level of appeal to translate into their own personal interactions.

‘Whispering words in your lover’s ear of a sexually intimate nature can be like lighting the fuse and quite literally tipping you over the edge during your sexual encounters.’

Gen Z is so attuned to technology offerings that they are more likely to connect through their media and partners.

They’ve created an easy culture of hookups and sex searches that can be found with just a simple swipe of their screen.

Apps abound and technological advances have created instant intimate connections that offer a different kind of sexual stimulation.

Anna reiterated: ‘Due to the impact of Covid and our removal from physical intimacy, technology and social platforms have offered personal erotic imagery and other forms of content.

Speaking to FEMAIL about the benefits of erotic audio, Jessica Leoni, sex and relationship expert with dating site, explained how the discreet format allows ‘the imagination to run wild’.

Jessica said: ‘Sex audiobook apps have grown in popularity in recent years as more and more people use their phones to find new ways to explore their sexuality.

‘They are a fantastic way to unlock your desires and many of them are beautifully put together and far more sensual than visual erotica or porn, as they let your imagination run wild. are

‘You can be listening to them on the train to work and having the time of your life, without anyone knowing what makes you happy.’

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