The UniSwap Foundation announced the first round of grant winners.

The Uniswap Foundation, a non-profit foundation that supports the Uniswap protocols and ecosystem, recently announced the first five winners of the Non-Profit Grant Wish List Program.

The first grant winner was announced on Twitter. Availability. Mesari is a leading crypto and web3 market intelligence firm that develops projects that enhance developers’ experience on the blockchain network.

The Messari project, funded by the Uniswap Foundation, involves building an accessible user interface (UI) that mediates between Liquidity Providers (LP). The tool will be designed to help participants participate in liquidity pools.

The Unswap Foundation A second grant has been allocated to Chaos Labs, a DeFi protocol critical to economic security and risk management.

The nonprofit-founded Chaos Labs project includes a CLI designed to provide full configurability for developers based on an open-source framework. Chaos Labs has also won a fifth grant on its TWAP Oracle project.

A third grant has been issued to an individual (Carwas) who is expected to provide detailed information on best bootstrapping activities related to liquidity management. Uniswap’s v3 protocol. The rest of the grant went to Axiom’s ZK Oracle project built on Uniswap v2 or v3 pools.

The Uniswap Foundation thrived despite the criticism.

The Uniswap Foundation was launched on August 25th after the giant whale on the Uniswap ecosystem voted to develop a non-profit to fund the DeFi protocol.

During the voting process, 86 million votes supported the proposal while only 770 rejected it. Upon its creation, the nonprofit raised $74 million and distributed its first set of grants in September. Worth $1.8 million Up to 14 winners.

The development of the Uniswap Foundation aims to fund three specific categories of DeFi projects: protocol development, community development, and governance stewardship.

The foundation initially faced a lot of criticism from other Uniswap members and eventually saw the light of day and made it to over 80 million votes during the voting process.

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