Tribes Group web3 wallet raises $3.3 million in funding

In a pre-seed funding round, Tribes, a newly launched web3 native social wallet, raised $3.3 million.

Realizing the full promise of web3

Through this fundraiser, according to its founder and CEO TribesHish Bouabdallah, successfully closed, messaging and group wallet app aims to “make these powerful and new potential web3 actions understandable and accessible to the public.”

gave web3 The space is growing, and needs to attract more Web 2 users.

Bouabdullah also believes it will help more people understand the current products and processes needed in the Web 3 space.

Kindred Ventures, Script Capital, and South Park Commons led the funding round. The crypto ecosystem has seen an increase in the development of multifunctional wallets, and each has different use cases.

Crypto wallets are going social.

In 2022, there was one 6% growth in crypto wallet usagehas grown to 85 million, and recently Easy Co Raised $14.2 million. For a new crypto wallet.

The emerging trend is focused on supporting creators and developing social wallets to facilitate the transfer of crypto and tokens.

Each solution aims to achieve broader adoption, and a key focus is on strengthening the Web 3 infrastructure of each wallet. In the case of Tribes Group wallets, it allows users to jointly own and manage digital assets.

They also communicate directly through the wallet. Other messaging services are unnecessary.

It is expected to be embraced by Decentralized Autonomous Communities (DAOs) and even families who want to contribute to projects and jointly owned properties. Spending or sending assets from the group will require a group vote.

Digital assets such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), memberships, and currencies can be sent, received, or held in the Tribes group wallet.

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