US lawmakers have proposed laws to protect bitcoin mining.

Legislators in Mississippi and Missouri have introduced bills to protect and encourage Bitcoin (BTC) mining operations and node operators in their states.

Legislators of two US states, Mississippi And Missourihave moved to take advantage of the emergence of blockchain technology by proposing new legislation to legally protect the rights of their residents. My Bitcoin (BTC) and engage in node running tasks.

According to reports, the bills are being reviewed by both state houses and senates, with lawmakers expected to vote on the proposed legislation soon. Senator Josh Harkins, Representative Judy Steverson of Mississippi, and Representative Phil Cristofanelli of the Missouri House are sponsors of the legislation.

The composition of both bills was influenced by non-profits. Bitcoin mining advocacy organization, SevenOShe Action Fundand they specifically state that it is perfectly legal to own and operate private residences and industrial-scale mining nodes.

In addition, the proposed legislation would protect miners from “discriminatory energy rates” in states with political subdivisions seeking to set a different set of zoning rules than apply to other data centers in the state. Does not happen, etc.

Dennis Porter, CEO and founder of the Satoshi Action Fund, urged residents in the states to see the new development as an opportunity.Bitcoin the rise.”

“Mining facilities are often built in rural parts of the US. We hope that Missouri and Mississippi will see this potential and begin opening up their states to bitcoin mining businesses.

Dennis Porter, CEO and Founder, Satoshi Action Fund.

The proposed bill is the latest attempt by the US government to jump on the crypto train. In December 2022, outgoing Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey introduced a bill centered around stablecoin legislation, which would serve as a blueprint for more viable crypto laws in the near future.

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