Was Denji’s history with Asa inspired by Makima?

Chainsaw man Chapter 118 was released on Tuesday, January 17th, bringing with it the absolutely hilarious resolution of Yuro’s attempt to weaponize Denji. Fans also saw Denji suggesting a plan for his and Asa’s next date, which would see the two head to a local theater for an all-night movie marathon.

However, Asa shoots him down, unfortunately crushing Denji’s spirits but fortunately setting up a Niata introduction in the following issues. Chainsaw man Chapter 118. While it was certainly a highlight for many, fans also respected Denji’s advice, discussing exactly where he got the idea from and why he suggested it.

While it is unlikely that they will find out exactly why he suggested it, there is a very clear and obvious answer as to whether it was inspired by his experience with Makima.

Chainsaw man Chapter 118 sees Denji try to make Asa happy by rekindling his history with Makima.

Was Danji’s date idea inspired by Makima?

Speaking of Makima, I love Denji’s use of the movie marathon idea from our date with him in Part 1. I just enjoy seeing any reference to Part 1, and Danji just builds on his experiences with it. https://t.co/TWiEDUD1D4

Without a doubt, Denji History idea I Chainsaw man Chapter 118 was actually inspired by his past history with Makima. Fans saw Danji and Makima’s history play out fully within the series’ chapter 39, where the two attended a cinema for an all-night movie marathon. The second serialized work by author and illustrator Tatsuki Fujimoto, Fire punchalso relies heavily on the cinematic experience and films as a narrative device, as it does the history scene.

Having said that, the history sees Denji and Makima appearing in several different films throughout the day. They watch several different movies, sharing their personal thoughts on each. In general, their reactions differ from those of the general theater population. Denji is also seen watching Makima throughout the story to gauge his reaction.

This exactly mirrors Denji’s proposed history idea. Asa Mataka I Chainsaw man Chapter 118, which will see them spending 2,000 yen to watch movies all night. It’s incredibly clear that Denji was moved by his date with Makima, which shows that despite everything that happened to him, he still sees this date as a happy and positive experience in his life. Shows up as a side-by-side learning experience.

Why would Denji have suggested it?

@blackmetronome Even after everything I think Denji was fond of that first Makima date. Also I think he’s not a doof, he knows what’s going on. Give Asa a break too, she’s still working on being a public figure. 😛

Similarly, Denji may have suggested the idea of ​​history to Asa. Chainsaw man Chapter 118 Because of how happy the experience made him. He likely sees Asa for how incomplete she is in life, mirroring where he was at the very beginning of the series. As Makima (at the time) and their date night had a positive impact on his life, Denji wants Asa to be the same for Mitaka.

There is also the fact that, on history, Denji and Going away Watched a movie that really touched his soul. It was the only night of the whole night that affected him like this, and Denji said he would never forget it for the rest of his life. Thus, he may be trying to give Asa a similar experience with a film that he might not otherwise have seen.

On a similar note, fans also see Danji question whether he has a heart after the date, a concern sparked by Katana Man’s comments before their final fight. It’s a theme that makes sense in retrospect, revealing Makima’s ultimate identity and their similar reactions. From Denji’s history idea Chainsaw man Chapter 118 He can see this side of himself in Asa, rather than the one described above.

In summary

While this makes narrative sense, there are some (albeit easily written) problems with Danji’s infamous realization, which is fully revealed at the beginning of the issue. Euro. Additionally, it’s unlikely that fans will ever actually find out why Denji chose this particular idea. However, what is clear is that they care about history. Chainsaw man Chapter 118 is inspired by his incredibly creative experience with Makima.

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