Where is Nikola Vucevic from? Chicago Bulls player hometown, college and more to know

Nikola Vucevic of the Chicago Bulls has had a good run of games recently. While there have certainly been some trade talks surrounding the big man, he’s been playing some of the best basketball of his time in Chicago, and the Bulls are hesitant to finalize a deal.

Obviously, if Chicago could get the right offer, the Bills could consider taking him, but Vucevic is quietly putting together an All-Star stretch. He is currently averaging 17.5 points per game and 10.9 rebounds while shooting 52.1 percent, including 37.4 percent from 3-point range.

Vucevic was born in Switzerland and grew up in Belgium. He then moved to Montenegro for most of his teenage years before his high school and college career in California. Vucevic attended the University of Southern California.

Golden State Warriors vs. Chicago Bulls
Golden State Warriors vs. Chicago Bulls

Hometown of Nikola Vukovic

Nikola Vucevic grew up in Belgium for most of his childhood, so he says the transition to America was a little more difficult than just playing basketball.

“Language was a big barrier for me,” Vucevic said. “I didn’t know much English when I came here. I could understand a fair amount of it, but I didn’t really speak much. That was the biggest thing for me.

“It was so different from where I grew up. The hardest part for me was leaving all my family, all my friends, and coming into the unknown. But at the same time, I was excited to come to America.

“When you’re in Europe, at a young age you see all these movies. You see the games on TV, the NBA and college. You see all these people around you, you see what it’s like here. And you want to be a part of it.

“It was hard for me. Many times I wanted to be back in Europe with my friends and my family. It was hard, but they helped me a lot to ease the transition. When I went to college (at USC ) I got to meet a lot of people everywhere. There were a lot of foreign kids, so it was easy for me to transition and adjust.

“But even now when I go home and come back here, I’m always a little bit home sick. There’s a week or two where it’s hard for me, because home will always be home to me. “

America has been his home, 1,000 miles away from where he originally grew up. Although the transition has been difficult for Nikola Vukevich, he has overcome the odds and continues to show that he can be a help to NBA teams. He was a two-time All-Star before, and maybe one more good season could earn him his next nod.

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