Wormhole attacker transfers $155 million to DEX

On-chain data shows that the wormhole exploiter made a huge transaction of $155 million to Lido from his wallet address on January 23.

Wormhole The attackers resurfaced on January 23 after transferring $155 million of stolen cryptocurrencies to a decentralized exchange.

According to a CertiK alert, a blockchain explorer, the attacker’s address, Ox629e…, converted 96,630 ETH (about $155M) to Lido Finance’s stacked ETH (stETH) and wrapped ETH (wstETH).

In a separate tweet, blockchain enthusiast Spreek also pointed out the hackers’ motives for using wstETH to borrow the DAI stablecoin. The move yielded 13 million DAI tokens, later converted to more STETH to borrow more DAI.

The wormhole team offered a $10 million reward to the bug exploiter if the hacker would hand over all the funds.

According to blockchain explorer Dion Analytics, the transaction apparently affected Lido Finance’s staked ETH (stETH).

Wormhole attacker transfers $155 million to DEX-1
Source: Dion Analytics

In addition, Ancilia, a Web3 cybersecurity partner, has warned Wormhole users against clicking on phishing links masquerading as Google Ads.

The wormhole attacker also moves the USDC into a new wallet.

Attacker recently $2.9 million transferred. in the form of USDC to a new wallet address after several months of inactivity. The hacker exploited a bug on the platform’s bridge by validating a free mint of 120,000 wrapped ETH (wETH), which was worth $325 million at the time.

gave A wormhole attack 2022 went down as the third largest crypto hack and the third largest on the Solana network. As a result of the hack, the wormhole added ETH to the web a few hours later to maintain WETH at a 1:1 ETH peg.

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